A.G. Devitt

posted Aug 3, 2009, 7:59 PM by Natalie Duvall   [ updated Aug 3, 2009, 8:14 PM ]
A.G. Devitt -- Three Shots Til Death
I can't cook. Or rather, I don't cook. So when I was invited to participate in this event, I thought I would have to go on the internet, look up a random recipe, and substitute "apple butter" for "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter," and call it my own.

But I do have one recipe. One that was born at a bar in Lexington, Kentucky. I hadn't named the drink, but offered it to Natalie for this website, and she aptly named it Three Shots Til Death.

I like whiskey, but it makes me mean. Meaner than usual, even. So on the occasion when I do decide to drink, I tend to stick to clear liquor.  And of these fine spirits, gin and vodka reign supreme.

My drink is a modification of a traditional gimlet, which according to Raymond Chandler was one part gin, one part Rose's lime juice, and nothing else. That creates a drink entirely too sweet for me. And while gin is my beverage of choice for those times when there are bad things inside me that need to be poisoned, I know that many people drink vodka gimlets, so why not get the best of both worlds?

First, chill a martini glass by filling it with ice. Make sure the glass is clean. And licked clean by your cat doesn't count.

Pour two ounces of your favorite gin (I prefer Plymouth, but any gin that is above waist level as you stand at the liquor store will do--) into a shaker filled with ice. Add to this one ounce of your preferred vodka and one ounce of Rose's lime juice. You may substitute fresh lime juice, but this greatly changes the flavor and color of the drink.

Shake vigorously. I mean it. Jump up and down if you need to.

Strain and pour into your chilled glass (remove ice from the glass first. This drink is served UP. Never on the rocks).

Guaranteed to fight scurvy even as it destroys your liver.