What's Yours?

posted Apr 13, 2009, 8:08 PM by Natalie Duvall
I hate to cook.  Really.  Seriously.  Loathe it.  I find no enjoyment in cooking (though every now and then I will bake something), and I'm pretty terrible at it when I try.  One or two times a year, I'll think cooking sounds like something exciting to do, and I'll pick up a recipe and some ingredients.  That's when it all falls apart, and I realize -- again -- how much I hate to cook.  In fact, other than breakfast (!) there is only one time per year whenI will cook.  I will make baked corn every Christmas season for my annual Girls' Night Christmas Party.  And that's it.
Reading recipes makes my head hurt.  I don't understand pinches or dashes or minces or "1 1/2 cups sugar divided" (What?!?!  How do you divide sugar?  Am I supposed to act like Moses?).  Making anything with more than five ingredients and two dishes is equatable to brain surgery in my mind.
The worst part of it is that I love to eat.  Wouldn't it be great if I could make my own food?  I could cut out the middle man.  Yeah, doesn't work that way.  The best part is that my mom, knowing that Matt (the hubbs) and I are always looking for low calorie dinners (that's a story for another day), loves to pass on low cal recipes to me.  And they look so good.  But I hate to cook, and I'm no good at it!
My mom's a great cook.  My sister is, too.  Heck, most of my female friends are.  Yet, I can't stand it.  Sometimes this makes me feel like I'm not a real woman.  Aren't woman supposed to enjoy cooking?  Didn't we get that gene at the same time we got the PMS gene?
Sometimes when I'm sitting with a group of women and I tell them that Matt does all the cooking, they'll give me this look that says, "Even though we act all jealous that your husband does that duty, in reality we think you're missing one of your X chromosomes."  Then I shut up and pretend to act like I know how to use a garlic press or even a cheese grater.
My husband doesn't watch Monday Night Football.  I'll pause for your shock.  He enjoys sports (loves MMA) and will abandon me when we're at my parents and a game is on, but in general, he doesn't watch sports on TV 24/7.
One time, when we were at my college roommate's wedding, a friend's date tried to bond with Matt by saying, "So, you hear any good scores lately?"  That friendship never took off.  I feel that football following is to Matt what cooking is to me.  It's that one thing that separates us from the rest of our gender.
Do you have something like that?  Something that you feel defies the stereotypes we think exist?  Email me at natalie@natalieduvall.com, and I'll post the best ones in a future blog.
:-) Natalie