posted Jul 18, 2009, 8:22 PM by Natalie Duvall
There are many lovely things I could blog about the last day at RWA National.  I could talk about Gwyn Cready winning a Rita for Seducing Mr. Darcy (yay!).  I could mention the fire alarm that evacuated the building while everyone was in workshops.  You might like to hear about me getting signatures from Jennifer Cruisie and Anne Stuart.  Some of you might even like to hear about the great new books I picked up today...
Yet, I can't talk about these.  Something more pressing is in my head.  Something that will not leave my head till I spit it on this blog.
Want me to go on?
After tonight's awards ceremony, there was a Golden Heart/Rita reception.  Think appetizer stations.  Think two appetizer stations.  Think 3,000+ people at these stations.
Matt and I stood in line for what seemed like forever, only to be the receivers of a master cutter.  This woman just siddled up and cut in line.  Just like that.  Of course, after standing in line for as long as we did, this was quite annoying.  But we'll let that slide.  What we won't let slide is what happened next.
Since this woman hadn't been in line, she didn't have a plate.  She waxed poetic about being so hungry she needed to eat right now, and then she used her bare hand to pick up a cucumber slice.  Okay, okay, I'm a germaphobe and think that alone is gross, but okay.  Then she dropped a huge dollop of dip on her cucumber slice.  Naturally, it spilled out over onto her hands.  Which she then licked. Which she then used to grab serving tongs and other slices of food.
Has this woman never heard of Swine Flu?  Any kind of flu?  Heck, what about diarrhea?????  Does this woman not know that she could be transmitting such things as herpes simplex, polio, meningitis and THRUSH?! 
Matt and I left the reception and headed to McDonald's, which is the pinnacle of sanitary food preparation.