Live from Washington DC!

posted Jul 15, 2009, 9:33 PM by Natalie Duvall
It's 12:34 (love the time), and I feel like I need to put in a quick blog update.  Matt and I are here in DC for our very first RWA National Conference.  We're slowly acclimating ourselves to the hullabaloo.  It's been a long day, though, and I'm spent.
Our GPS doesn't seem to like DC, so it was a bit interesting driving here while it kept trying to recalculate.  We made it though, just in time to find out that we'd have to wait a couple hours for a room.  No problem, since they could check our luggage.
Once that was taken care of, we hit up the International Spy Museum, where we played spy (their Spy in the City prgoram), by trekking through the city (or a few blocks) looking for clues.  It was okay.  I guess I was hoping for more real spy stuff.  You know, ordering martinis, talking into my collar, getting shot at while jumping into a cab...  The worst part was that it was so hot under the bright sun that it was more like Sweaty in the City.
We made it back to the hotel about a half hour before the big book signing.  While we were checking in, Matt got interviewed by the Washington Post.  It seems he's one of the few men registered for the conference.  He's gotten a lot of double takes when he's told people that he's a writer, too.
After checking in, without having time for dinner, we had to hunt down our luggage.  This made us a bit late for the book signing, but it was okay.  I got in line for Julia Quinn just in time to beat out the big crowd.  We bought too many books (at least that's what our debit card told us) and met many wonderful authors.  Debbie Macomber and Victoria Alexander were by far the nicest, most fun ladies to get signed books from.  And they sure do know how to write, too.
Next came the first timers' orientation, then (FINALLY) dinner time.  Chipotle is one of our favorite places to go when we're in cities since they don't have any around us.  I couldn't finish my burrito because it was so huge, but somehow managed to find room for a dish of Baskin Robbins.  :-D
Well, the wake up call is going to come toooooo soon, so I'll wrap this up.  Hopefully I'll post more from the conference, although I'm angry that we have to pay for internet access!  Bleck. 
:-) Natalie