Defying Stereotypes

posted Jul 6, 2009, 8:44 PM by Natalie Duvall
A little bit ago, I asked for some of the ways you feel you don't match up with stereotypes.  Here are two of the most intriguing responses.  Enjoy!
Mike wrote --
     Read your blog about stereotypes and how you hate cooking.  I feel the same way about fixing things.  I feel as a man I should be able to find out why my car doesn't start or why my dishwasher gets stuck on the rinse cycle or, gosh, I don't know maybe have a clue what a miter saw is and how to use it!
     My father is a briliant man.  Part mechanic, electrician, engineer.  He has every tool and even knows how to use them.  When he can't find the right part for the job he designs and makes his own.  He knows what's wrong with a car or air conditioner or lawn mower just by the sound it's making.
     His father, my grandfather, owned an electric motor repair shop in town.  It was passed to him by his father.
Why?  Why God did you curse me by allowing the 'man gene' to pass from me??
C.G. wrote --
     But I can probably top it with, I don't like kids. End of discussion. Until they hit grad school age, young people hold no fascination for me at all. I see all these women who love babies, love being pregnant, hold endless discussions on children and families and balancing their lives, and I space out. I simply cannot relate and have no interest in trying.
So I missed that chromosome.