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Cover Reveal for Matt Betts's New Book

posted Feb 12, 2013, 6:07 PM by Natalie Duvall

I'm happy to be a part of the live cover reveal for Matt Betts's new book, Odd Men Out.  The uber-cool cover was designed by Bradley Sharp.

SUMMARY: Fighting for survival in a post-Civil War America overrun by zombies, Cyrus and Lucinda join a military group called the Odd Men Out, and together they face a terrorist army from the North in a showdown over a weapon of enormous power.


The Civil War went on far longer than anyone expected, prompting the North and South to call a truce to fight their common enemy: The Chewers – dead men come to life to attack the living. As a result, a peacekeeping force called the Office of Military Operations is created to watch over the tenuous peace.

Cyrus Joseph Spencer didn’t fight in the war and couldn’t care less about the United Nations of America that resulted from it. His main concern is making money and protecting his crew from all manner of danger. To escape a horrible tragedy, Cyrus and one of his wards, Lucinda, board a U.N. dirigible for safety. They quickly discover their situation has not improved as the U.N. team is chasing a group of rogue soldiers in hopes of stopping them from obtaining a terrible weapon.

They also have to contend with a larger threat - Drago del Vapore – a giant lizard attacking the West Coast and wreaking havoc on everything it encounters. As the two sides face off against each other and the huge beast, Cyrus feels more and more like an Odd Man Out and finds it harder and harder to stay out of the fight.

Odd Men Out will be released by Dog Star Books in July.  Enjoy!

Putting on the Blitz

posted Oct 31, 2012, 5:36 PM by Natalie Duvall

Inveterate Media Junkies is having a Halloween blitz over at their site to support Hazard Yet Forward anthology.

You can find out about my role in the anthology in Jason Jack Miller's "Sound Check" column.  Check it out and leave some love!

(Click the images to transport yourself to amazing places.)

It's Cog Time!

posted Oct 30, 2012, 1:58 PM by Natalie Duvall

Today Dog Star Books revealed the cover for K. Ceres Wright's new cyberpunk science fiction book, Cog.  Check it out!  The cover artist is Bradley Sharp.

Where can you see this cover?  Right here, of course!

In a futuristic world where personalities can be downloaded at will, who's a girl to trust?

Coloring with Color

posted Jun 28, 2012, 2:57 PM by Natalie Duvall

The lovely Symantha Reagor called my attention to this website.  It explains how to make color details relevant.  Check it out!


posted Jun 25, 2012, 9:19 AM by Natalie Duvall

Super-talented author Lawrence C. Connolly recently taught a class on incorporating monsters in popular fiction.  Don't get upset that you didn't attend the workshop, because you can see his thoughts here.

Blog Switch

posted Jun 25, 2012, 9:08 AM by Natalie Duvall

Since I have trouble regularly writing blogs, I'm going to switch this up to something a bit more manageable for me -- writerly tidbits of advice, news and other information that I found on the internet.  Because of that, my page is no longer called BLOG.  It will now be called Trolling the WriterWebz.

Things I Love Right Now

posted Jul 6, 2011, 7:51 PM by Natalie Duvall   [ updated Jul 7, 2011, 6:27 PM ]

1.  Purex Fabric Softener Crystals -- These things make our clothes so soft and lovely-smelling.  Best of all, though, you never have to worry about fabric softener stains!

2.  Love in the Wild -- This dating show is on NBC.  Though it's a bit formulaic (EW says it's a mix of The Bachelor, The Amazing Race and Survivor), it's full of great characters and makes me think that true love might really blossom on this reality TV show.
3.  Turkey Hill's Cherry Fudge Ripple -- You would never believe that this tasty treat is only 80 calories per serving.  I love me some ice cream.

4.  My Pile of To-Be-Read Regency Romances -- Right now my stack includes When Harry Met Molly, Just Like Heaven, Ravishing in Red and the research book Georgette Heyer's Regency World.  I can't wait to read them all!!!

5.  Frasier -- Hallmark Channel is rerunning this series like crazy.  I didn't appreciate it the first time around, but now, as an adult, I really find the humor laugh-out-loud hilarious.



Cooking Blogs

posted Feb 6, 2011, 7:18 PM by Natalie Duvall

Hi, guys,

I know it's been awhile... but, you know!

I have uploaded some new blogs, they're just at another site.  Check out some cooking specials at my baking blog, The Calorie Countess.

:-)  Natalie

It's the most hectic time of the year!

posted Dec 20, 2009, 10:04 PM by Natalie Duvall

And the most wonderful!
It's 1 AM and I just got done writing a batch of Christmas cards.  I figured this would be the perfect time to write a little blog on all the craziness that is now my life.
Matt (the hubbs) and I are back in school full time.  That made our fall semester very crazy.  We're expecting the next year to be even more insane.  We've returned to Seton Hill University's writing program to get our MFA degrees.  We'll graduate January 2011 (knock on wood).
In addition to that, we've been asked to teach two online workshops this year.  Matt and I are really excited about this -- we love teaching together.  We're now old hats (is that the expression?) at it, so anytime we get the opportunity to do it again, we jump on it.
The first workshop is in February.  You can check it out here --
The second one is in August.  Here's that site --
We're hoping to add more to that list.  I'll post when that happens.
Until then, have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!
:-) Natalie


posted Jul 18, 2009, 8:22 PM by Natalie Duvall

There are many lovely things I could blog about the last day at RWA National.  I could talk about Gwyn Cready winning a Rita for Seducing Mr. Darcy (yay!).  I could mention the fire alarm that evacuated the building while everyone was in workshops.  You might like to hear about me getting signatures from Jennifer Cruisie and Anne Stuart.  Some of you might even like to hear about the great new books I picked up today...
Yet, I can't talk about these.  Something more pressing is in my head.  Something that will not leave my head till I spit it on this blog.
Want me to go on?
After tonight's awards ceremony, there was a Golden Heart/Rita reception.  Think appetizer stations.  Think two appetizer stations.  Think 3,000+ people at these stations.
Matt and I stood in line for what seemed like forever, only to be the receivers of a master cutter.  This woman just siddled up and cut in line.  Just like that.  Of course, after standing in line for as long as we did, this was quite annoying.  But we'll let that slide.  What we won't let slide is what happened next.
Since this woman hadn't been in line, she didn't have a plate.  She waxed poetic about being so hungry she needed to eat right now, and then she used her bare hand to pick up a cucumber slice.  Okay, okay, I'm a germaphobe and think that alone is gross, but okay.  Then she dropped a huge dollop of dip on her cucumber slice.  Naturally, it spilled out over onto her hands.  Which she then licked. Which she then used to grab serving tongs and other slices of food.
Has this woman never heard of Swine Flu?  Any kind of flu?  Heck, what about diarrhea?????  Does this woman not know that she could be transmitting such things as herpes simplex, polio, meningitis and THRUSH?! 
Matt and I left the reception and headed to McDonald's, which is the pinnacle of sanitary food preparation.

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